About Us

Who are we?

We are gathered together from diverse arenas for the same destination of net zero target by the implementation of net sink credit. Our knowledge domains include Climate Change, Environmental Governance, International Relations, Computer Science, Geographic Information System, Taxonomy and Environmental science etc. We aim at connecting common people to carbon market in the drive towards climate change mitigation and global dream to reach at reduction of 1.50 C.

Our Vision

Navigate the world towards net zero target by 2050 through net sink credit. Ensure bottom to top approach in environmental conservation for the mitigation and adaptation of climate change. Recognize and remunerate the farmers for their contribution in maintaining and protecting greenery through net sink credit.

Our team

Dr. Manuel Thomas

Co-founder & Director

Jais Jose

Co-founder & Director

Dr. Anju Lis Kurian

Co-founder & Director

Saji Joseph

Co-founder & Director

Let's move
towards net zero

Achieve Net Zero emissions with economic growth.

What do we do?

Leading the world towards a new carbon market mechanism based on Net Sink Credit.

We are linking the individuals, farmers, communities, institutions, households, plantations & industries to the carbon market. We are assisting farmers to avail additional income from their efforts in protecting the environment. We are guiding local self-governments to reach at net zero targets in a sustainable and time bound manner.

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