Why Net Sink Credit?

Net Sink Credit is the world’s first bottom to top approach in carbon market.
Here individuals and farmers are directly selling their Net Sink Credit

Climate Equity

Food Security

Inclusive Wealth

Sustainable Farming

What is Net Sink

Net sink credit is the carbon credit along with additionalities owned by the individuals, households, communities, governments and institutions after reducing their carbon footprint along with inclusive wealth approach. The product “Net Sink Credit” can be exchanged in the carbon market. The most significant highlight of the Net Sink Credit trade is that it will bring an additional income to the agrarian community. Net sink credit offers individual responsibility in mitigating climate change.

Net Sink Credit Fulfills
The Sustainable Development
Goals In Its Real Essence

The Challenge

Denial of climate justice is a prime concern for developing countries, marginalized communities and vulnerable sections. Neglecting the rights of local communities for the mitigation and adaptation of climate change should be seriously addressed. As agrarian sector remains a major emitter in the world, we have to ensure food security and livelihood of agrarian community while reducing the emission from this sector.

The Opportunity

Carbon market is envisioned as a major mechanism in the mitigation of climate change. Net sink credit offers mass participation in the mitigation of climate change through carbon market. Here, each and everyone who have a net sink credit becomes an active participant in the carbon market.

What do we do?

Leading the world towards a new carbon market mechanism based on net sink credit.

Think Globally
Act Locally

Climate change is a global crisis but its reverberations are experiencing at the local level. Individual carbon footprint reductions are the need of the hour. We begin with local communities and individuals.

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